‘Important work’ Arkansas Digital Newspaper Program gets new grant

The saying "News is only the first rough draft in history" is credited to Alan Barth, but has been repeated, along with similar phrases, since the beginning of the 20th century.

But what happens when newspapers are lost to time? Over the years, many newspaper archives have been lost to fire, floods and other effects of aging. Some issues were never archived at all.

That's an issue being addressed by the National Digital Newspaper Program, a partnership between the Library of Congress and the N

How China became the dominant force in world chess – with help from Asia

Ding makes a final move with his bishop, and – checkmate – Nepomniachtchi wastes no time extending his hand to give Ding a congratulatory shake.

Black pawn to A2 is Nepomniachtchi’s answer as he sits up straight and takes a breath. He looks to the side, stretches out his arm and scatters the neatly lined up pieces he has taken over the course of the match. A black knight rolls and falls to the floor. He knows he is beaten.

As the fourth and final 10-minute tiebreaker begins, most of those watc

WATCH | ‘So bizarre’:Questions still remain in case of missing man found in lake

The discovery of a 20-year-old Ford Escape submerged in Lake Hamilton may have solved a decades-old missing persons case, but did little else to answer the question of how Kerry Joe Angell Jr. died.

Angell's skeletal remains were found inside the 2003 Ford Escape in March, after he had been missing since 2008.

Then 49, Angell missed his shift at Riser Ford on Feb. 23, 2008. As a salesman at the dealership, he was allowed to drive the demo car as a perk for selling lots of inventory -- a common

WATCH | Sam Watt’s granddaughter recounts life, love for Hot Springs

With nearly a century of Hot Springs experience, Rosalie Watt Harkins, granddaughter of iconic businessman Sam Watt, recently reflected on her 97 years in the Spa City.

Harkins recently returned to Hot Springs to attend the funeral of her son, Frederick "Mark" Palmer, a local historian and guide at the Gangster Museum of America. Making the trip from Oakmont, Pennsylvania, Harkins fondly recalled the life she spent in Hot Springs. Once owning properties all over town, Palmer's home is the last

WATCH | Local blind chess grandmaster to meet with GC Chess Club

Local blind chess Grandmaster Dennis Cummings plans to make an appearance at today's Garland County Chess Club meeting at the Garland County Library.

Cummings has enjoyed an accomplished chess career, winning the Chicago Open in Class A in 1997, the Arkansas Chess Association Championship in 1996 and 1998, as well as the senior division in 2019 and the U.S. Chess Federation National Blind U.S. Blind Chess Championship in 2009.

Hailing from Pine Bluff, Cummings was raised in a military family a

John’s Shoe Hospital takes its final steps

After 115 years in business, John's Shoe Hospital is set to close in mid-June after the property at 828 Central Ave. was purchased by a local company.

The shoe repair store was started in 1908 by John Walknowitz and was subsequently taken over by his son, Joe.

In 1955, a 15-year-old by the name of David Garner was hired at the store and learned the business. He eventually took over the shop and has continued the legacy until today.

Several buildings on the 800 block of Central Avenue were pur

One killed, one injured in fatal fire on Alcorn

The body of a 5-year-old boy was found in a burning home in the 300 block of Alcorn Street Friday afternoon, according to a Hot Springs police officer at the scene, a news release, and a bystander who identified himself as a relative of the child.

The Hot Springs Fire Department responded to the house fire at around 3 p.m. and had extinguished the blaze at around 4 p.m.

According to a news release from the HSPD released shortly after 7 p.m., "on Friday, at approximately 3 p.m. the Hot Springs

30 Years of Friendship: City, foundation prepare for Sister City anniversary

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first installment of a two-part series about the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Sister City program.

As the 30-year anniversary of its sister city partnership with Hanamaki, Japan, approaches, the city of Hot Springs and the Hot Springs National Park Sister City Foundation have begun planning a celebration to take place in January.

On the date of the signing of the original agreement, Jan. 15, delegates from Japan will visit for the first time since 2020.


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